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Creating the Future Innovative and Interdisciplinary Bio-initiatives to Inspire our next generations

Innovative discoveries and inventions in understanding, analyzing and applying life phenomena have now formed a mega-trend, which is expected to turn the course of human civilization over the whole spectra of human society including welfare. At this significant threshold into innovative bioscience and bioengineering, the government,recognizing the imperative needs to create future growth engines to continue on the success of semiconductor industry, selected BT as one of the three critical technologies for national growth and is making intensive investments in it. Recently, developments of new drugs and biomedical devices have been designated as growth engine industries. Most biological studies have so far been more or less limited to descriptive nature. However, thanks to the breath-taking advancements achieved in life sciences such as the successful completion of genome project, platforms to lead the explorations into the essence of life phenomena in more comprehensive and quantitative directions are now been established. Particularly, with the help from such leading-edge technologies as nanoscience more and more researches of higher caliber are being conducted.

To produce scientists capable of spearheading this new trend in research and development, we need to create educational system of new concept beyond the conventional boundaries of disciplines for educating and training future scientists and engineers with strong nterdisciplinary orientation, who are equipped with quantitative, systematic, and integrative thinking and research abilities. They are also required to be empowered with knowledge of various fields in order to conduct researches of convergent, interdisciplinary nature and to apply the deciphered knowledge on life phenomena to pharmaceutical industry and/or biomedical field. The I-Bio Program of the School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Bioengineering was launched in 2006 as an interdisciplinary graduate program at the Pohang University of Science and Engineering (POSTECH). Highly focusing on a selective number of students in bioscience and bioengineering, the program aims at developing state-of-the-art bioengineering technology of interdisciplinary nature, and producing futuristic, world-class scientists and engineers who, equipped with the knowledge, techniques, and insights from core sciences such as biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics as well as a variety of disciplines including electronic and electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering, can conduct innovative researches of new trend.